[Athen] AJAX Accessibility

John Foliot - Stanford Online Accessibility Program jfoliot at stanford.edu
Tue Aug 14 11:03:55 PDT 2007

Kilcommons,Cath wrote:

> Hi Norm,

> John Foliot has put together 10 "Must Read" articles on AJAX and

> Accessibility at http://soap.stanford.edu/show.php?contentid=65

(Now 6 months old - JF)


> Max Kiesler has compiled: How to make your AJAX Applications

> accessible - 40 Tutorials and articles.




> http://www.standards-schmandards.com/2005/ajax-and-accessibility/

> how usability and accessibility of AJAX forms can be improved.


You might also be interested in checking out the work being done by the ARIA
folks (start here: http://www.w3.org/WAI/intro/aria), and the work that Jon
Gunderson (University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign) and Aaron Leventhal
(and others) from IBM are doing.

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