[Athen] braille work and ocr

White, Phillip B. pwhite3 at exchange.calstatela.edu
Wed Aug 15 09:46:20 PDT 2007

Recently I posted a question to the list regarding the turnaround time
for Braille. As many of you know, several of the California State
University system universities were investigated by the Dept. of
Education office of civil rights. Our case was related to not having
staffing to do electronic books. However, the OCR attorneys are trying
to set the language for forcing us to handle Braille in a certain way --
though we have almost no requests for Braille.

>From my understanding, it appears the attorneys for OCR are trying to

force language into our case that will affect national standards. They
have suggested to us that we (and this could set the measuring line for
you as well) will have to turn around Braille, including scientific,
foreign language, music and mathematics, to be completed in 21 days.

Cal State Fullerton had language placed into their agreement that said
something like parts being done in two weeks, but these attorneys are
pressing to have materials (meaning the whole book) done in 21 days.

I was hoping to get some consensus form the Athen membership, some
stats, but only a couple responses have been provided.

I will report back on the final version\language of that section of the
policy that OCR is forcing our noncompliant administration to take.

Phillip White
Adaptive Technology Coordinator
Cal State University Los Angeles

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