[Athen] Warning on Duxbury/Word problem

Manning, Melissa Ann manning at ku.edu
Wed Feb 7 08:17:16 PST 2007

I know this may affect only a small number of folks who use Duxbury for
translating foreign languages into Braille, but for those who do I think
you really need to know about this problem.

When we use Duxbury to put in a foreign language, we highlight the
portion to be translated into a foreign language, and thus into grade 1
exact Braille for that language. We have just discovered that Microsoft
WORD goes into the file if it is in WORD, and puts in its own foreign
language codes, which are wrong most of the time. It will put in a
little shaded code in parens (e.g., (lng~it)that change the language and
then mess up the grade 1 and grade 2 Braille. In the last WORD document
we were using to explore this, which should have been Italian/English
combination, WORD even put in Danish! There is a simple fix for this,
you can pull all that trash WORD code out with one operation, but if you
don't know about it, it can really mess you up. I talked to Peter
Sullivan, the VP of software development at Duxbury, and he said Duxbury
had made an actual decision to honor the WORD foreign language code,
possibly mistakenly. I would add, that was very mistakenly.


Melissa Manning
Disability Resources
University of Kansas
manning at ku.edu

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