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Glenda Watson Hyatt Glenda at webaccessibility.biz
Tue Feb 20 11:58:33 PST 2007

E.A. Draffan wrote:

> I am sure this has been discussed but with all the updates to open

> source CMS tools I just wondered if anyone had an opinion on which is

> the most accessible one? Joomla seem to be off with Google to work on

> it

> http://code.google.com/soc/joomla/appinfo.html?csaid=52B7D46E2DD02887

> Mambo and Drupal are on Robbie's list and I am using Moodle at the

> moment.

Sorry for the delay...

>From another list I subscribe to come this great resource:


The author, Joshue O Connor, is Senior Accessibility Consultant for the
Centre for Inclusive Technology, an initiative of The National Council for
the Blind of Ireland. It provides a good overview of many of the current
OSCMSes out there.

Readers might also be interested in the following:


It's at Yahoo!'s Campus in Sunnyvale, CA on March 22-23. There's no charge
but you need to register.


John Foliot

Thanks for this, John. Very timely as I'm considering using WordPress to
redesign a non-profit's website. At this point, the interface doesn't need
to be overly accessible. I'm more concerned that the output is accessible.

I didn't see WordPress listed in the wiki article; not sure if that means
anything. Any thoughts/comments on using WordPress?


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