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Hello all --

Listed below by schedule are the CSUN 2007 presentations by ATHEN members. For those of you presenting - please take a look see to make sure all is in order OR add to the list if I missed you. For those of you attending CSUN, we are still looking for volunteers to staff the table that Howard Kramer and the AHG Conference has been so kind to allow us to share (Thank you Howard!)

ATHEN 2007 CSUN Presentations

BLV-2117 - Wednesday @ 9:20 AM

Planting Textbooks & Harvesting DAISY's: A Model Program for E-Text Production

Daniel Berkowitz

Boston University

PSE-2107 - Wednesday @ 10:40 AM

Accessibility of Electronic and Online Assessment Tools

Saroj Primlani and Lisa Fiedor

North Carolina State University

PSE-1106 - Wednesday @ 12:00 PM

TAAT: Technical Assistance on Access Technology

Teresa Haven

University of Arkansas

PSE-1105 - Wednesday @ 12:00 PM

Innovative Practices in AT Training for LD (Dyslexic) Students

E.A. Draffan, Paul Blenkhorn and Gareth Evans

University of Manchester (UK)

WWW-1117 - Wednesday @ 2:50 PM

PowerPoint & Friends: Accessible Slides on the Web

Terry Thompson

DO-IT, University of Washington

BLV-1164 - Thursday @ 9:20 AM
Remote Access Bridge: Cross-Platform Accessible Remote Access to the Linux

Sina Bahram and Mike Grace
North Carolina State University

YRS-2100 - Thursday @ 1:45 PM
Voice Recognition Ready for Transcriptions - A Reality Check,
Saroj Primlani and Hal Meeks

North Carolina State University

PSE-1103 - Friday @ 10:40 AM
The Power of Story: Changing a Faculty Culture
Jean Wells
CSU East Bay

WWW-1139 - Friday @ 10:40 AM

Opening Doors: Mentoring on the Internet
Sheryl Burgstahler and Scott Bellman
DO-IT, University of Washington

WWW-1118 - Friday @ 1:45 PM

Research on Accessibility of Higher Education Websites

Sheryl Burgstahler and Terry Thompson

DO-IT, University of Washington

PSE-2104 - Saturday @ 9:20 AM

'Sound Beam' as Adaptive Technology in Post-Secondary Setting
Wink Harner and Keith Heffner

Mesa Community College

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