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Subject: Showing math work with software

We have a student who will be utilizing the below math applications for
MAT 060.
The student is proficient with using their Dynavox, a key guard on a
using a shorthand alphabet on a whiteboard for mult choice & T/F
questions, and can answer Y/N via his eyes.
The student also had success with MS Word, PowerPoint, Access & Excel.
The student would not be able to show work via paper-pencil or a

Applications he will be using:
RapidPi & MathType for math problem word processing.
MathComposer for graphs, geometry diagrams, etc.

However, does anyone know of an application whereby the student can show
their work using either the above software or any other applications?

1) carrying/borrowing numbers (crossing out numbers, reverse
superscripting, etc.)

2) writing fractions in a left column and reducing the fractions in a
2nd column
3 + 5
8 6

3 = 9
8 24

5 = 20
8 24
29 = 1 5
24 24

3) showing long division & the work. Applications can be used to show a
long division problem, but not the work for being able to properly line
up the numbers for the answer and the work.

(this sample was done in a very labor intensive manner with MS Word &

Thank you,

Michael Nusen
Coordinator, OASIS/CAC
(Office of Accommodative Services and Instructional Support/Computer
Access Center)
Pikes Peak Community College
michael.nusen at ppcc.edu <mailto:michael.nusen at ppcc.edu>

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