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Sesock, Kevin A kevin.sesock at okstate.edu
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First of all, regarding your questions regarding Windows "2002" (I can
only assume you mean Windows XP), the version 8 of ZoomText should work
just fine. Version 9 is recommended for some of its feature enhancements
and broader support of newer hardware/software, but 8 should work.

As for the Networked version of ZoomText, it works, but there are issues
with it. For example, there are very few good ways to pass settings to
machines from the server-based installation. Also, in version 9.0, there
were a lot of problems with proper rights assignments affecting the
ability to install or use the software. Things had to be just "so". This
also holds true with 9.02 in a few ways. I've discovered, much to our
chagrin, that the network capabilities in ZT9, while a good start, are
not in parallel with the network management and deployment features
available in recent versions of MAGic (for example). Zoomtext, of
course, has strength in some of its other capabilities, and the
comparison between the two usually boils down to what is absolutely
necessary at your location.

Ultimately, however, the client computers attempt to connect to a
Windows file share (usually through UNC path only), to verify that a
license is available, and also to save or load user settings (if
enabled). It's relatively simplistic, but you'll need a server (or an
always-on) machine, with a little bit of storage space for user profiles
and some way to load the software onto each computer you want it on. For
the most part, this is going to be a disk cloning suite like Norton
Ghost, Rembo, or something similar, which will probably be something
your IT department manages in tandem with your labs. I suppose questions
like how many computers you're going to load the software on, how many
clients you expect to be using the software at any given time
(concurrent licensing), and how many campuses you want access to the
software (one campus versus several branches for site versus district
licensening) will be key questions when it comes to the actual purchase

Sorry to ramble, but hopefully that information will help you.

Kevin A. Sesock, A+, Net+, CNA, MCSA
Assistive Technology Specialist
Student Disability Services
Division of Student Affairs
Oklahoma State University


"Hail to the speaker, hail to the knower; joy to he who has understood,
delight to they who have listened." - Odin

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How exactly does the Networked version of ZoomText work?

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