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Thanks Kevin,

I thought MS Windows 2002 sounded funky. But the student was so adamant
about it being as such that I began to question my prior knowledge.

I just got off the phone with the student and the Medical Center DSS and
issues are far larger than they originally appeared.

Cheers --- Dann

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>First of all, regarding your questions regarding Windows "2002" (I can

>only assume you mean Windows XP), the version 8 of ZoomText should work

>just fine. Version 9 is recommended for some of its feature


>and broader support of newer hardware/software, but 8 should work.


>As for the Networked version of ZoomText, it works, but there are


>with it. For example, there are very few good ways to pass settings to

>machines from the server-based installation. Also, in version 9.0,


>were a lot of problems with proper rights assignments affecting the

>ability to install or use the software. Things had to be just "so".


>also holds true with 9.02 in a few ways. I've discovered, much to our

>chagrin, that the network capabilities in ZT9, while a good start, are

>not in parallel with the network management and deployment features

>available in recent versions of MAGic (for example). Zoomtext, of

>course, has strength in some of its other capabilities, and the

>comparison between the two usually boils down to what is absolutely

>necessary at your location.


>Ultimately, however, the client computers attempt to connect to a

>Windows file share (usually through UNC path only), to verify that a

>license is available, and also to save or load user settings (if

>enabled). It's relatively simplistic, but you'll need a server (or an

>always-on) machine, with a little bit of storage space for user


>and some way to load the software onto each computer you want it on.


>the most part, this is going to be a disk cloning suite like Norton

>Ghost, Rembo, or something similar, which will probably be something

>your IT department manages in tandem with your labs. I suppose


>like how many computers you're going to load the software on, how many

>clients you expect to be using the software at any given time

>(concurrent licensing), and how many campuses you want access to the

>software (one campus versus several branches for site versus district

>licensening) will be key questions when it comes to the actual purchase



>Sorry to ramble, but hopefully that information will help you.


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>How exactly does the Networked version of ZoomText work?




>Daniel Berkowitz - Assistant Director

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