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James Bailey jbailey at uoregon.edu
Thu Jan 25 11:29:47 PST 2007

You pick a server as host and obviously it needs to be up and available to
the network 24/7. I'm partial to print servers, but that's just me. You
create a shared folder on the server. The documentation says it must have
read and write privileges (which gets you interesting looks from the IT
folks), but it only needs read privileges. Which is what AI Squared will
tell you on the phone.

Install the network license CD on the server and then open the server
based shared folder on the client and install from there.

Obviously, the clients have to "see" and stay connected to the shared
folder on the server. We tested this across subnets and it worked.

There is a section in the documentation about putting it on a machine
image, but we largely ignored that. I can't say how well that works.

Our plan does *not* call for remote management, so I don't plan to "push"
updates and I'm not even sure that you can do that. We'll still install
at the client.

What I like about this is that we can own 20 seats, but have 200 installs.
The license manager will prevent number 21 from starting.

Under System Requirements they list Win 98 through XP. Win 2000 appears on
the list but not Win 2002.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Berkowitz, Daniel J wrote:

> How exactly does the Networked version of ZoomText work?



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