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Michael O'Brien obriemic at hvcc.edu
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The NLS program began, only after a number of state programs were
started, and it was realized a national solution for providing library
service to the blind, (the only group entitled to it when it was
established), made more sense.


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When the people who must have the access clamor for the access, the access
will eventually arrive. It will not be neat, pretty, or kind, but that is
the nature of politics and advocacy. The state laws may be challenged, or,
if history is to repeat itself, the abundance of state laws will be so great
that the opposition will have to join the effort.
It's like the cork is out of the bottle, and people have to cooperate to
find something that works for such diverse interests. Can anyone really
imagine taking books away from people with print disabilities? We've
reached a different level of understanding, and its unlikely any setback
will be permanent. All this said, I really like the collaborative approach
that AHEAD is pursuing. We are not going after state legislation, and we
are trying to find ways to work with publishers to serve students well while
balancing property rights. It's right for us, but it is not right for
everyone. I also like the NFB approach. The NFB has a clear sense of
purpose and the machinery to affect change.
The practice of going after state laws to motivate a national solution is
one that works. The NFB will collaborate when its suits the organization's
agenda, and it will go its own way when it must. I can even appreciate the
views of publishers. Publishers should never be ripped off, and it's vital
that we let individuals and corporations make money from their products.
Thank goodness there are many voices involved because it is the diversity
that will help us reach a more just world.

Jim Marks
Director of Disability Services
University of Montana
jim.marks at umontana.edu

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I think the Texas bill is a good example of why we do not want state based
legislation to happen. The NFB's lack of any national corrdination are
resulting in a direct negative impact on the achievement of a national
cooperative solution. I think at you look at the issue of state based etext
laws you also need to look at the impact of a court challenge on these laws,
and I am of the opinion they will then fall like a house of cards setting us
all back in our work at least a decade..

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