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I think the NFB taking credit for this is somewhat disingenuous, they where
one of several parties at the table.

Ron Stewart

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Was the NFB of Oregon behind the adoption of the Oregon law? The NFB's
position is that state adoption of post-secondary education textbook
legislation helps motivate a national solution. It's a familiar pattern
since this is exactly what led to NIMAS and NIMAC in IDEA 2004. The NFB
successfully managed to get about 40 states to adopt legislation that called
on publishers to provide electronic versions of their K-12 textbooks for
blind and visually impaired children. The state laws are known as Braille
Bills, and they included other features of benefit to blind and visually
impaired children. From the NFB advocacy perspective, even bad state laws
are helpful. The ultimate prize here is national legislation, and the NFB
is well on its way. Don't know about the rest of you, but I find this
political process very fascinating.

Jim Marks
Director of Disability Services
University of Montana
jim.marks at umontana.edu

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