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Interesting development on the iTunes front - If you already know this
disregard this message


We (Adam) is not exactly sure what this does but believes it takes the
Metadata from iTunes and TTS's it for navigation through the car stereo.

We think we can apply this same technology to navigate through a book on
the iPod by adding Metadata to MP3 files to read the titles out loud
before they play. There are other potential applications that may also
be of interest to explore.

Now go and make this work ---- Dann

BTW --- Joe --- what is your new phone number?

Daniel Berkowitz - Assistant Director
Boston University Office of Disability Services
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Sorry this is so late. I got the confirmation late last week and then
was gone till today.

The number to call is 800-568-9258

You will then give the meet me number 66521 to the operator.

The local number is 765-496-6521

The meeting is from 2pm- 3pm EST


1. Designate a secretary (I can't type fast enough)

2. Go over scope of project (iTunes, iPod, iTunesU)

3. Reports from colleges already looking into accessibility (~5 minutes

4. Decide on a timetable

5. Decide time and setup for next teleconference

I think Jayme Johnson said he could have a better setup for the next
meeting (virtual whiteboard, web simulcast, etc). We can talk about
that too. Thankx for all your help in advance.

Sorry this is so late again. Any Questions please contact me.

Joe Humbert

Assistive Technology Specialist

Purdue University - ITaP - TLT

Office: STEW 111

Email: jhumbert at purdue.edu

Phone: 765-494-4387

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