[Athen] iTunes U Accessibility group meeting minutes June 6th

Humbert, Joseph A johumber at iupui.edu
Wed Jun 27 08:41:50 PDT 2007


Sorry this is So late I was starting my new job and at the CIC
conference in Minneapolis. The turnout was not where I wanted it to be
So far we haven't had more then 7 or 8 people. Please attend the
teleconference if you are interested. I would like 15 participants.
Also so far only one person has sent me there research on iTunes
accessibility I want to synthesis this before our next meeting on July
11th!!!!! Please send your documents! Also I would like someone to
offer to take notes as mine are very sparse below. Thankx.



John Folio





Shawn - has a report. Dan comden - blog

Sharoj - RSS feeds content capture

Sarah - catching up on the conversation. Are we focusing on consumer and
content creator?

Sharoj - Both

John - We should be more broader (Zune)

Shawn - Doc sharing

Jayme - Best Practices

Patrick - iTunesU end to End and third party apps

Document from Shawn and Jayme

Audio files

Notes - Linking notes together to for timed text

There are file size limitations to notes

Jayme - John

Not sure of the total number of characters allowed on an mp4 for text

Not sue about notes on Mac

Ipod movie format


No video on Ipod Nano

Wikipedia for Ipod evolution

Keeping captions on Mpeg 4

Different applications delivering video:

Shawn - Macaw Quick time videos Movies below video region

Smil assembly problems

Self contained movie

Magpie - Bring in Movie and text track

AST - Bundles text back in

Saroj - video Description

John - No stand alone

No multiple text files

Click TV

Shawn - NCAM

Best Practice - Include descriptions as part of material

Not Covered:

- Difference between media

- Differences between devices

- Voicing menu

- 508 compliance

- Change font color or font size

Next meeting July 11th, 2007 11am PST, 12pm MST, 1pm CST and 2pm EST

Joe Humbert

Assistive Technology Specialist

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Office: IT 214E

Email: johumber at iupui.edu

Phone: 317-274-4378

Cell: 847-431-6545


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