[Athen] Camtasia Studio 4 and Captions

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Contrast control is a foundation of accessibility, so in the absence of allowing the user to control the contrast, the captions should provide high contrast. Does camtasia flash allow users to turn captions on and off?


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>Hi All,


>I'm currently participating in a discussion with TechSmith, makers of

>Camtasia 4, about their method for delivering closed captions in Flash. For

>those who haven't seen it, here's a sample:



>My position is that displaying captions in a semi-transparent overlay, with

>stuff happening underneath, makes the captions difficult to read. Their

>position (truncated and paraphrased) is that it's an efficient use of

>valuable screen real estate, "designed to allow the text to stand out while

>still allowing you to see what's going on underneath the overlay"


>What do you all think? If you agree with my position, I'd appreciate some

>convincing arguments that I can pass on to TechSmith. (Or if you disagree

>with me, that's ok too)


>Or if you'd rather participate directly the discussion, it's here:



>(note that it's currently 2 pages and growing - see both pages for the full






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