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Dina Rosenbaum dina.rosenbaum at carroll.org
Wed Mar 7 07:26:22 PST 2007

1. The work question really should be addressed by an onsite assessment
by a rehab engineer or low vision therapist. The Carroll Center does
this type of evaluation as do many state VR agencies. I don't think
there are any OCR systems that can convert handwritten into text and
then voice without alot of editing.
2. Again, a local blindness agency or state VR should be able to assist
with AT training. We do training at our center, at job sites and have
online courses.
www.carrolltech.org. BUT first this person needs to be evaluated to
determine the bests AT solutions for her needs.

Please contact me off-line if you want more specific info

Dina Rosenbaum
Carroll Center for the BLind
770 Centre St, Newton, MA 02459

Lorraine Norwich wrote:

> Hi,


> Please can you give me some ideas on the following


> *Scanner for handwritten materials.*


> I am working with someone whose vision is getting progressively

> worse. She has to look at a screen all day with a lot of different

> information. If she increases the font it makes it much harder for

> her to navigate around the page. Because of this I am going to

> suggest using two different screens with the information. Some of the

> information is hand written material and harder to see so she may do

> better with listening and seeing the information concurrently.


> Questions:


> What scanning program and reader would people recommend for difficult

> hand written material


> *Online Classes*


> Someone who works as a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, has asked

> about learning about Assistive Technology to help with work. What

> online courses can people recommend to get started.


> Thanks for your help


> Lorraine

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