[Athen] FW: CSUN Conference and LetsGoExpo Conference Management Systems

Prof Norm Coombs nrcgsh at rit.edu
Wed Mar 14 08:19:38 PDT 2007

I am a bit familiar with Let's Go Expo. It is trying to be the main place
to get online info on disability conferences. It is a commercial sell. It
has leaned on EASI to use it for 2-3 years. I have resisted so far. When
I look at it, I can see no benefit to EASI and lots of benefit from their
getting us.

Of course if all the systems go with it, I may have to follow.

They work closely with ATIA conference winters in Florida. Now they are
trying to own CSUN.

I believe CSUN is making yet another mistake this year going with them.


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>A message from Dr. Lou Lipschultz, founder of LetsGoExpo:


>I wanted to take a moment to bring all manufacturers and vendors in our

>unique industry up to speed with the CSUN conference, and the role

>LetsGoExpo is playing in the event.


>As you may know, CSUN is one of the oldest and largest events of its kind.

>Last year the conference administration contracted a vendor to supply them

>with an accessible web-based conference management application. That vendor

>failed to supply the appropriate modifications to their current application

>to make it Section 508 compliant, and enhance its overall usability, and

>CSUN administration was unfortunately forced to search for an accessible

>conference management solution - which was essentially not available. Late

>in 2006 the CSUN administration approached LetsGoExpo knowing that our

>online meetings and web-based events were fully accessible. LetsGoExpo was

>very fortunate to be chosen to develop this application to accommodate the

>needs of this year's and hopefully future CSUN meetings.


>This of course was a significant undertaking, as we did not have an "onsite"

>conference management system in our development pipeline. Fortunately, our

>development team was ready for the task, and we successfully launched the

>first components of an onsite Conference Registration Management System. On

>January 26th, the general attendee registration module was launched. This

>has also generated significant improvements in our online event management

>systems as well.


>The new system includes an exhibitor and exhibit hall management system,

>speaker registration (including call for speakers, course submissions etc),

>scheduling system (for room assignments), attendee registration, as well as

>many other administrative tools. Our most unique feature is the effortless

>ability to exhibit, attend, speak or host online, onsite, or integrated

>online AND onsite events.


>My personal goal is to make the LetsGoExpo system a key resource for onsite

>as well as online event management to our industry. As such, please contact

>me personally or through the LetsGoExpo feedback system with any feedback

>you may have.


>Best personal regards,





>Lou Lipschultz, OD

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>Let'sGoExpo, Inc.

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