[Athen] FW: CSUN Conference and LetsGoExpo Conference Management Systems

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Now I know why it looked familiar. I hate the ATIA version


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I am a bit familiar with Let's Go Expo. It is trying to be the main place
to get online info on disability conferences. It is a commercial sell. It
has leaned on EASI to use it for 2-3 years. I have resisted so far. When I
look at it, I can see no benefit to EASI and lots of benefit from their
getting us.

Of course if all the systems go with it, I may have to follow.

They work closely with ATIA conference winters in Florida. Now they are
trying to own CSUN.

I believe CSUN is making yet another mistake this year going with them.


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A message from Dr. Lou Lipschultz, founder of LetsGoExpo:

I wanted to take a moment to bring all manufacturers and vendors in our
unique industry up to speed with the CSUN conference, and the role
LetsGoExpo is playing in the event.

As you may know, CSUN is one of the oldest and largest events of its kind.
Last year the conference administration contracted a vendor to supply them
with an accessible web-based conference management application. That vendor
failed to supply the appropriate modifications to their current application
to make it Section 508 compliant, and enhance its overall usability, and
CSUN administration was unfortunately forced to search for an accessible
conference management solution - which was essentially not available. Late
in 2006 the CSUN administration approached LetsGoExpo knowing that our
online meetings and web-based events were fully accessible. LetsGoExpo was
very fortunate to be chosen to develop this application to accommodate the
needs of this year's and hopefully future CSUN meetings.

This of course was a significant undertaking, as we did not have an "onsite"
conference management system in our development pipeline. Fortunately, our
development team was ready for the task, and we successfully launched the
first components of an onsite Conference Registration Management System. On
January 26th, the general attendee registration module was launched. This
has also generated significant improvements in our online event management
systems as well.

The new system includes an exhibitor and exhibit hall management system,
speaker registration (including call for speakers, course submissions etc),
scheduling system (for room assignments), attendee registration, as well as
many other administrative tools. Our most unique feature is the effortless
ability to exhibit, attend, speak or host online, onsite, or integrated
online AND onsite events.

My personal goal is to make the LetsGoExpo system a key resource for onsite
as well as online event management to our industry. As such, please contact
me personally or through the LetsGoExpo feedback system with any feedback
you may have.

Best personal regards,


Lou Lipschultz, OD
Founder & CEO
Let'sGoExpo, Inc.
OcuSource, LLC
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