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Shouldn't we have buttons with the ATHEN website listed on them? ;-)

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Yes -- men, women, service animals - whoever can staff the table would
be appreciated. We do not have a formal sign up sheet and at this point
I am merely requesting that if you have time between workshops or
meetings or happen to be in the expo area during hours to swing by the
booth. If someone is there - either keep them company or offer to
relieve them. If no one is there, grab a seat. You can also visit with
Howard or whoever is staffing the table from the Accessing Higher Ground

There will be a box with brochures, applications and copies of the
Educause Survey write up. There will also be some Braille and digital
copies of materials as well.

If you are presenting - please stop by the table and pick up membership
information so that when you put in a plug for ATHEN during your
presentation you can also provide materials and will know where the
table is in the exhibit area.

If anyone on this list would like digital copies of the brochure and
membership application, please contact me directly and I will send them
to you.

Cheers --- Dann
Membership Coordinator

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>Hi All,


>Do you all still need warm bodies to help man (uh, woman) the booth at



>I will be there all week and would be happy to help.


>Let me know!



>Ms. Wink Harner


>Disability Resources & Services

>Mesa Community College



>wink.harner at mcmail.maricopa.edu




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