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It seems to me that any solution that comes close to being useable will
involve Dragon. No other program comes close to the accuracy though I have
heard the built in voice recognition in the new Windows Vista is pretty darn
good, but that doesn't seem to apply here. Even the University here in
Madison has taken to hiring transcribers that are aided by the use of Dragon
for the increased speed.

I have used Dragon for about 10 years due to injuries. I have tried using
Dragon in my office in more of a conversational way with clients who were
deaf. I don't sign and interpreters are sometimes hard to get when you want
them. For some reason the accuracy just wasn't as good even though I was
trying to be careful about how I was using my voice.

In the past I have posited that a student may approach the professor(s) and
ask if they would read the Dragon training (it is pretty short these days)
in to a recorder. Then the recorder could be placed close to where the
speaker is (wear it?) and you might get better results. I never have seen
that tried though.

I would be interested in hearing what you eventually go with and how it

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Where does one find a digital recorder that converts voice to text? I've
never heard of one and would like to read the specs. The only method I've
heard of is running the voice recording through voice recognition software,
such as NaturallySpeaking.

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