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Ron Stewart ron.stewart at dolphinusa.com
Fri Mar 30 08:15:30 PDT 2007

Good morning,

It would appear that some of the CD's that were distributed at CSUN did not
work. Since I am the one who created them, my apologies to everyone that was

I am going to supply the relevant files to Sean to post to the website, my
thought was only to post the presentation files. Should anything else be

Ron Stewart


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Subject: [Athen] ATHEN CD

I picked up a copy of the ATHEN CD at the recent CSUN conference....a great
idea to provide the material in a single location!

Unfortunately, I'm not able to open any of the files. It's strange...the
file sizes indicate content, but I can't open pdf, rtf, doc, or even html.

The CD itself "looks" good; I can see and copy files, but they don't open.
(I'm using Office 2003 with 2007 converters installed. And have tried to
access from a couple of different computers.)

Has anyone else noticed this? Do you happen to know if the material is
available for download?

Thanks much.

Charlie Jordan

ASU's West campus


charlie.jordan at asu.edu <mailto:charlie.jordan at asu.edu>

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