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Jean Wells jean.wells at csueastbay.edu
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I found this information and am trying to figure out the Internet Assistant.
I've seen it demonstrated in HTML and it's slick. If you get the Internet
Assistant you have to have installed the Visual Basic something or other when
you installed PowerPoint. Here's what I read...

Viewing Instructions
These presentations have been converted to a set of HTML pages using
Microsoft PowerPoint Internet Assistant. You can view the presentation in
three ways:

Each slide is a separate HTML page showing a graphic image, with explanatory
notes given below the image. The ">" button goes to the next slide, "<" to
the previous slide, and "<<" goes back to the table of contents page. Click
on "Go to the table of contents for this presentation!" above to start.
Once you have visited the first graphic image page, you can use the "A"
button to switch to "text" mode. Most slides consist of just text, and the
text is easier to read in this mode than in graphical image mode.
The PowerPoint file can be downloaded. This way one transfer gets you the
whole presentation (good when the net is slow). You can also download a Word
7.0 file that contains all of the presentation notes. You can set up your
browser to automatically start PowerPoint (or the free PowerPoint viewer)
after the download is finished (this is a one time set up). The "File Type"
(or Mime Type) should be "application/x-powerpoint"; the extension should be
"ppt". You must have PowerPoint for Windows 95 (Version 7.0 or later) to
handle the downloaded file. Alternately, you can download a free PowerPoint
viewer (or free Word document reader) from Microsoft (you must be running
Windows 95).
If you use the full version of PowerPoint you can switch to "notes mode"
(View->Notes Pages) to see both the slide and the corresponding notes.

If you use the free viewer, or switch to "slide show mode" (View->Slide
Show...) in the full version of PowerPoint, you can click on the "Notes" icon
on the lower-right corner of each slide to pop up a Notepad window showing
the notes for this slide. You should exit the Notepad window after reading
the note (otherwise the Notepad windows will keep piling up as you look at
the notes for every slide).

Good luck

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I don't know of any way to view the notes as you're presenting. You
need to print out the notes pages to use as you present.

Kitty Jay, Extended Learning Center Coordinator
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I've tried looking at the MS site and online, and am not having much
luck - I hope someone here can answer my question:

If you make notes in a PowerPoint presentation (using the Notes pane),
can you/how do you view those notes if you are using PowerPoint viewer?

This is ppt 2003 (although if it isn't possible in 2003 but is in 2007
I'd be interested in knowing).



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