[Athen] RFP language

Shawn Foster FosterS at sou.edu
Wed May 23 12:47:10 PDT 2007

(Cross-posted to ITACCESS)

We're looking for some "standard" (pun fully intended) language
regarding accessibility of both client software packages and web
interface software packages for RFPs. I know there was some mention of
this on one of the lists not too long ago, but darned if I can find it
in the archives.

Does anyone have some language they'd mind sharing? Even if it's
language you aren't particularly happy with - it would at least give me
a start. I'd be especially interested in language that goes beyond
"meets 508 standards" and includes usability testing as part of the
evaluation criteria.

Thanks in advance!

Shawn Foster
Assistive Technology Specialist
Disability Services for Students
Southern Oregon University
email: fosters at sou.edu
phone: (541)552-6213

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