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This is the point where I shamelessly remind the list that these
answers, advice, and assistance are made possibly by the collective
wisdom and experience of the membership of ATHEN.

Now that summer is here, your membership Coordinator (me) will be
catching up on recently submitted membership applications (receipts in
the mail soon) and contact current members about their status.

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Thanks so much for the responses so far. Already I have some very useful

Wink, the technical setup at South Mountain Community College sounds
familiar. One of the obstacles I'm facing here is that the college's
servers can't accommodate AT on a central server. But this is up for
review and I'll be giving them reasons to change. This 2-4-6 plan you
refer to, what is that?

The partnerships within Mesa sound very practical and could be
replicated here too in time.

Terry, thanks for those links. I'm carrying out a similar survey (the
first one here!) on how AT is positioned in the various institutes of
higher education in Ireland. You can see the wiki at
http://atsurvey.wikispaces.com/. I hope you don't mind that I
appropriated the categories on how the AT person's work is divided. I'll
share the results in here later in the year.

Shawn, there are so many parallels between us and Southern Oregon that I
will be in contact with you to chat more. In the meantime, I think I
shall get some t-shirts printed with "I don't do network issues!"
(perhaps I'll italicise the word 'do').

EA, plenty for me to go on there, thank you. I'll follow up some of
those, and I'll be taking advantage of your kind offer to chat later in
the summer.

Thanks everyone,


Enda P Guinan
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