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Courtesy of the Chronicle <http://chronicle.com/> of Higher Education -
Educause 2007: Technology in Plain English

Chronicle editor Jeffrey Selingo interviews Lisa Trubitt of SUNY-Albany
<http://connect.educause.edu/eprofile/117210?time=1193934374> about
communicating with different constituencies
<http://chronicle.com/wiredcampus/index.php?id=2483> on campus. Also of
interest is episode 6 of Tech Therapy
<http://chronicle.com/media/audio/v54/i07/techtherapy/> and a piece
titled "Talk to me like I'm a child." Listen for the TV Guide Exercise.
there are good and simple lessons to learn here:

When talking with others on their campuses, IT departments at Davidson
and Albany ran into common pitfalls. The messages are often highly
technical and contain more information than the recipients can digest.
Techies are big on acronyms, which others don't understand. Messages
often take a parental tone - don't do this, you must do that - and they
are sometimes contradictory. Techies also like to give people the back
story - the whole tale of what it took to get, say, Windows Vista
working on the campus.

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