[Athen] FW: Microsoft Word files to serve as talking books

Kelmer, Susan M. SKelmer at stlcc.edu
Tue Nov 13 14:12:56 PST 2007

>Good afternoon, as I understand it what this plugin will

>provide is XMLDocBook conformant content. The quality of this

>XML content will be dependent on the quality of the structure

>of the document that is "Saved as DAISY". The second issue is

>when will this be available and what will the quality of it be

>as an opensource endeavor. You are still going to need

>something to turn it into "readable" DAISY content.

That's exactly what I thought. Unless the original document is
completely edited down to header styles and etc., the output will be
just as much crap as it would be from any other un-edited file.


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