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NJ --

Reads to me as though you have researched this question about as far as anyone can. The JAWS with the monitor turned off is nice outside-the-box thinking and having the ability to train and support the student is a benefit of your program. If the student is adamant that none of your suggestions will work - the next step is to ask the student directly "what will"?

When you reach the end of the rope -- ask the personally hold the knot.

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Hello again,
I have a DSSO asking for help and I am now turning to you all:

Could you check to see what accommodations can be given for someone with epilepsy, who can get seizures by using a normal computer even with a screen filter. Perhaps someone from Crystal Vision or Kurzweil or even one of your listserves will have some suggestions or know of equipment. Thanks.

My research included: The American Epilepsy Foundation, Epilepsy Ontario, W3C, Section 508.gov, Scientific American, Science Daily, National Society for Epilepsy (UK), Epilepsy Action (UK), Usability.gov, Job Accommodation Network, and WebAIM.org . >From what I gathered from these sites is that a high-quality LCD, flat panel monitor and coupling that with a glare screen should not induce seizures. When I suggested this solution the student was pretty adamant that this would not work for her. This student is not visually-impaired and suggesting JAWS with the monitor turned off seems to be a bit more than it should although this student is certainly welcome to learn the program.

I wonder also about taking classes in rooms where more and more computers are being deployed and not just for CompSci classes; and how this seizure disorder will affect her.

Any suggestions? Thank you again for all your help.


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