[Athen] onscreen keyboard access at XP login?

Weier, James A. JWeier at stlcc.edu
Wed Oct 17 10:39:44 PDT 2007

Hi Doug,

A quick Google search comes up with no way to set the OSK in Windows to
run during login. In order for any program to run during login, it has
to be set as a Service. However, there is no counterpart service name
for the OSK in Windows, so it won't work. As far as I found. However,
there was a website of a person who claims to have created a Service
from scratch to cause OSK to run during login and then self-terminate to
free up resources. This is the website:

However it might be easier to install a 3rd party OSK. One website said
OSKGina from Siemens works, but I would think others exist too. Anyway,
here's the link to the OSKGina:

Does Vista have the capability to run the OSK as a service? I don't
know. Would be a great idea to add it in one of their Service Packs if
it doesn't.

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I had an inquiry yesterday about how to have the onscreen keyboard be
active at the login [not after you've logged in]. I've tried putting
osk.exe in the scheduled tasks with three different settings, "at
"at startup", "when idle" and none work so that a user can use the
onscreen keyboard to enter his/her password in the login promp for XP.

Is there a way to do this?

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