[Athen] onscreen keyboard access at XP login?

Kilcommons,Cath cathk at cahs.colostate.edu
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Hi Doug,
You can open Utility Manager (Open window key + U) before logging on, and that can bring up the onscreen keyboard. The keyboard can be set to start when Utility Manager is started.

Since Utility manager requires being able to activate the open window key and the letter U, sticky keys can be employed also before logon. If the key presses cannot be made simultaneously, use the keyboard shortcut to turn on sticky keys first (press shift 5x)

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I had an inquiry yesterday about how to have the onscreen keyboard be active at the login [not after you've logged in]. I've tried putting osk.exe in the scheduled tasks with three different settings, "at login", "at startup", "when idle" and none work so that a user can use the onscreen keyboard to enter his/her password in the login promp for XP.

Is there a way to do this?

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