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Phillip Goodman goodman at eri-wi.org
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I guess my first question is why is this student using a CCTV to view
textbooks when they can be converted to digital and viewed on a laptop with
screen magnification software? If the student needs to see board work I
would highly recommend one of the Optron units www.optronusa.com
<http://www.optronusa.com/> They have several versions of the Optron model
(I think all but one of them need to be plugged in) and another model called
the i-Stick which can be plugged into a laptop. Hope this helps..

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To the Athen Community:

I am interested in how you all provide CCTV access in multiple classrooms
throughout the day for an individual student with low vision. A student I
currently work with has no vision in one eye and limited vision in the
other. The student uses a magnifier at times but relies on a desktop CCTV
in the classroom for textbook viewing. The student registered for two
classes and we were able to arrange for them to meet in the same classroom.
We anticipate in the future scheduling two or more classes for the same room
may not be possible. Another issue is the type of CCTV the student wants to
use. Initially a MyReader unit was placed on an adjustable table in the
classroom. The student did not like the fact this unit did not have an X-Y
table and we therefore replaced it with an Optelec ClearView unit that does
have an X-Y table. So far the student had not complained about this setup.
However, the student indicated a desire to have a closer view of boardwork.

The Optelec ClearView is not easily transportable. Even the MyReader is
relatively heavy for a portable. We may be able to have our AV department
move units from classroom to classroom on a schedule but they typically roll
units (TVs, computers, etc) into a classroom on a cart and plug them in. I
would think that for optimal viewing of a CCTV it should be on the student's
desk. Should we expect AV to lift units for a cart to a desk and visa versa
several times a day? Is there a special desk cart that would provide
sufficient work space beyond the CCTV? It would be ideal if the student
could carry a unit into the classroom and set it up on an adjustable table.
Do any of you have experience with any of the Clarity products that have
near, intermediate and distance viewing? Any other suggestions would be

Larry Kiser, Counselor

Disabilities Resource Center

Santa Fe Community College

Gainesville, FL

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