[Athen] Microsoft Word versus Open Office

Kelmer, Susan M. SKelmer at stlcc.edu
Wed Sep 12 09:43:28 PDT 2007

>Does OpenOffice's PDF export feature support "tagged PDF", and

>is the result a well-structured, reasonably accessible PDF document?


>(I'm asking this not to squelch you OpenOffice advocates'

>enthusiasm - It's just something I've been wondering and

>haven't had a chance to investigate).

I have not used it to that extent as we aren't creating tagged PDF's in any
way here on this campus, yet. I have used it to export documents that
needed to be PDF's for their own protection, or as layout types for
printing, and it works really well in that way. I have not drilled any
further into it than that.

On the other hand, Word's pdf plugin does NOT do tagged PDF very well.

-Susan Kelmer

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