[Athen] Microsoft Word versus Open Office

Berkowitz, Daniel J djbrky at bu.edu
Wed Sep 12 10:21:29 PDT 2007

Terry ---

Yes and .... um .... let me see .... Yes (on both counts)

Give me a few minutes and I will reply with specifics.

In the meantime -- I was just throwing out a fun article and apparently
the fuse was lit unexpectedly.

My point was that in the process we have developed at BU -- and which I
plan to share at AHG -- OpenOffice has replaced MS-Word and allows us to
create documents for conversion into DAISY that are cleaner, safer, and

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>Does OpenOffice's PDF export feature support "tagged PDF", and is the


>a well-structured, reasonably accessible PDF document?


>(I'm asking this not to squelch you OpenOffice advocates' enthusiasm -


>just something I've been wondering and haven't had a chance to







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>> Oh, and one more thing...OpenOffice has this amazing ability

>> to open almost any type of text document, and SAVE in any

>> type of text format as well. And with a little downloadable

>> plugin, it will also export to simple PDF format, without

>> needing to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro.


>> When Word can do these things, and stop locking up and

>> bogging down, I might change my mind about OO.


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