[Athen] Microsoft Word versus Open Office

Berkowitz, Daniel J djbrky at bu.edu
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I have not personally used Oo with access technology but know first hand
that it can handle several thousands of pages with no problem.

In answer to Terry's question of earlier -- if you have a regular text
document in Oo and wish to convert it to PDF there is a toolbar button
that will "export directly to PDF". When you press the 'save' button you
will be greeted with several tabs worth of options. One of these is
"Tagged PDF". We have used this with great success.

Cheers --- Dann

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>I've been fascinated with open Office for years, but I think Robert's

>definitely onto something here: It's screen reader access,


>for Writer, isn't exactly stellar. At one time, it was absolutely out

>of reach. I've never had Word crash on 200 or 300 page books, but


>it's the graphics. A lot of the stuff I use isn't very graphics








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