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Yes, I do find the accessibility of open source applications something of a
hot button especially as open source so often comes with the promise of
increased usability, improved memory resource allocation, and other
usability features which, I feel, are all that more important to assistive
technology users. Add to this assuarances I have received from developers of
OO that it is accessible, despite my finding it not so, and I get a bit
disgruntled wondering if the OO folks are as concerned with accessibility as
they claim.

The irony of tools which promise increased accessibility turning out to be
not very accessible to assistive tech users continues to make me feel I have
a humor impairment.


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> I've been fascinated with open Office for years, but I think Robert's

> definitely onto something here: It's screen reader access, particularly

> for Writer, isn't exactly stellar. At one time, it was absolutely out

> of reach. I've never had Word crash on 200 or 300 page books, but maybe

> it's the graphics. A lot of the stuff I use isn't very graphics

> intensive.


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