[Athen] pdf problems

Stacy L. Smith stacylee at ksu.edu
Thu Sep 13 11:39:13 PDT 2007

Yes, I'm using nothing but Acrobat for the entire process, and followed
the prompts on the dialogue boxes to access the OCR process.

To answer an earlier question - I didn't go straight from TIFF because
there are 632 TIFF files and merging them into one pdf is so much
handier :)

I would love to have a better program. Maybe this little glitch will
turn out to be a good reason to get one ;)

Thanks again -

Quoting Sean Keegan <skeegan at htctu.net>:

> > I forgot to add that we're using Adobe.

> > Unfortunately, we don't have another OCR program.


> Let me just make sure I am understanding - you are using the built-in


> engine that ships with Adobe Acrobat, correct? I'll bet dollars to

> doughnuts you are...


> I have encountered this before as well and I am not sure what is

> really

> happening behind the scenes. Acrobat will say that it "recognizes

> text",

> but then you don't get any usable information. In all honesty, I

> have not

> pursued this as I had access to other, and IMO, better OCR

> applications to

> extract text.


> I will see if there is another option.


> Take care,

> Sean




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