[Athen] Remote for powering on computer?

Dan Comden danc at washington.edu
Fri Apr 18 16:44:29 PDT 2008

Yes, your idea would work fine -- I like low tech. Would be necessary to
make sure that whatever rubber band masterpiece is used doesn't push the
button down all the time, as that would just put the computer into a reset
state meaning it'd never start.

The problem with many cases is that the power switch is in a very
inconvenient location on the case. The Mac Mini springs to mind here.

As a side note, for folks who are energy conscious -- this type of power
button illustrates well why just turning off many electrical devices these
days doesn't keep them from continuing to consume small amounts of power.
You've turned it "off" but it's sitting there ready to be turned back on
by one of these secondary switches and there is still power trickling into
the power supply. Your television works this way, your DVD player, your
computer, etc. In order to completely eliminate a device's power usage,
one must physically cut the connection to electricity, either via
unplugging it completely or using a 2nd switch such as a power strip. If
one goes this route, an unintended consequence is that some of these
devices have memories (my tv at home is like this) that lose all their
information when you sever them from the grid.

I love the story about the homebrew brake control!

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On Fri, 18 Apr 2008, Gaeir Dietrich wrote:

> Oops, I said "switch," but I wasn't using the term properly. I'm afraid I

> was thinking more low tech...mechanical engineering, rather than electrical.



> Tower on the floor, something strapped to the case that would hold a

> rubberized tip against the actual button and a bigger button hooked to that

> so that one could just lean on it with a knee or foot or whatever.


> Kind of like how a friend of mine who needed a hand control to use the brake

> in a vehicle would rig one with a C-clamp attached to the brake, PVC tubing

> extending from the clamp, and rubber bands to hold the tubing to the

> steering column. Sounds funky, worked great, allowed him to rent cars.


> Although, I have to say, I was always a bit surprised that the rental places

> never asked any questions...

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