[Athen] Remote for powering on computer?

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Hi All,

I too am fond of inventive mechanical things on the fly...like how I rigged
up a left-footed gas pedal after losing the use of my right leg...Taped (I
LOVE electrical tape!) a piece of PVC pipe cross-wise over the gas pedal.
It ran under the brake pedal and with an elbow connection & a bit more pipe
+ a spring which angled against the floor board, I created something that
worked fine. I did not realize at the time that there actually WAS a legitimate
(and legal) left footed gas pedal available! I now have a "real" one (which
makes me legal-er for driving).


I love to hear the inventions we all come up with! What an inspiration you
all are.


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>Yes, your idea would work fine -- I like low tech. Would be necessary to


>make sure that whatever rubber band masterpiece is used doesn't push the


>button down all the time, as that would just put the computer into a reset


>state meaning it'd never start.


>The problem with many cases is that the power switch is in a very

>inconvenient location on the case. The Mac Mini springs to mind here.


>As a side note, for folks who are energy conscious -- this type of power


>button illustrates well why just turning off many electrical devices these


>days doesn't keep them from continuing to consume small amounts of power.


>You've turned it "off" but it's sitting there ready to be turned back on


>by one of these secondary switches and there is still power trickling into


>the power supply. Your television works this way, your DVD player, your

>computer, etc. In order to completely eliminate a device's power usage,

>one must physically cut the connection to electricity, either via

>unplugging it completely or using a 2nd switch such as a power strip. If


>one goes this route, an unintended consequence is that some of these

>devices have memories (my tv at home is like this) that lose all their

>information when you sever them from the grid.


>I love the story about the homebrew brake control!


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>On Fri, 18 Apr 2008, Gaeir Dietrich wrote:


>> Oops, I said "switch," but I wasn't using the term properly. I'm afraid


>> was thinking more low tech...mechanical engineering, rather than electrical.



>> Tower on the floor, something strapped to the case that would hold a

>> rubberized tip against the actual button and a bigger button hooked to


>> so that one could just lean on it with a knee or foot or whatever.


>> Kind of like how a friend of mine who needed a hand control to use the


>> in a vehicle would rig one with a C-clamp attached to the brake, PVC tubing

>> extending from the clamp, and rubber bands to hold the tubing to the

>> steering column. Sounds funky, worked great, allowed him to rent cars.


>> Although, I have to say, I was always a bit surprised that the rental


>> never asked any questions...



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