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For a secure stand-alone program that runs on Windows check out WinSCP.

Using Windows explorer to find files and then the "Send to" shortcut in the
context menu is particularly useful.

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1. Use Samba to mount your Linux directories on your Windows machine if both
Windows and Linux are on the same network.

Note that Samba service should run on Linux server and you have to set the
workgroup for both Windows and Samba on Linux to the same value.

2. Use WebDrive to mount your remote Linux home directory on your Windows
machine as a local drive if your Windows and Linux server are on two
different networks. WebDrive supports Webdav, SFTP, and a few more

You can always use WebDrive even within a local network but due to cashing
and synchronization, it is always slower than Samba.


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I have a student who uses JAWS and is in a technical major (Information &
Communication Technology). He wants to know if there is a program out there
to send files between Linux and Windows, other than Secure Shell, that is
more user friendly for students who are blind.

Also, please share any information on how you are accommodating students
with MAC computers. In particular, how many have Kurzweil 3000 for MAC and
PC? Thanks.

Carol Brown

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