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Thanks this was brought home to me again recently when I was teaching a
class as a quest lecturer. A non-traditional student, with tears in her
eyes, told us that we had given her hope back to her for the first time
since she had lost her sight do to abuse. She felt she had a future now and
that through the technology we had introduced her to she felt she could
truly learn.

I can share dozens of similar stories, as can many of you, and for me that
is what life is all about!


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I particularly like your closing sentiment, Ron -- yes, it feels good
to look forward to something in the morning. Thanks for the reminder.

As someone who just took the leap back to private consulting herself,
I wish you all the best in your new direction, and along Life's
Journeys in general.

- Shelley Haven

Quoting Ron Stewart <ron at ahead.org>:

> Hi all,


> Some of you may already know, but some may not. Some may not care, but I

> know some that do. So let me share with you the latest news, and if you

> would please update my contact if you desire.


> 14-Aug-2008


> The Dolphin Group would like to announce that effective August 31, 2008 VP

> of Operations Ron Stewart will be leaving Dolphin Computer Access Inc, our

> US subsidiary, to return to his work as a private consultant in the areas


> Alternative Format Production and Educational Technology Access. Ron will

> continue to work with Dolphin as a Consultant.

> Dolphin would like to thank Ron for his many contributions over the past


> years, but in particular for his leadership of our Alt Format efforts. We

> look forward to the role he will continue to play in our global efforts to

> ensure curricular access for all individuals with visual and print

> disabilities.


> Have a great day everyone, remember you are making a difference in


> life and you never know how your time and efforts will be passed forward.

> That is something to look forward to in the morning!


> Ron


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