[Athen] accessibility issues with eBay's "new search experience"

Patrick Burke burke at ucla.edu
Tue Aug 19 09:58:15 PDT 2008

Hi Al,

Very interesting. I definitely miss the headings in the results list, too.

One thing I noticed:
At the top of the list of results there are "List View" & "Customize
View" links. Choosing Customize leads to a screen with various
options. One is a checkbox to "display each item in its own row", or
something like that. If you do that, then each search result gets its
own <table></table> section.

Unfortunately the picture of the item (with long graphic name link)
is in the left column, & the name of the item is in Column 2, so it
isn't as efficient to navigate as it could be. But still I think an

Haven't checked out what happens in "Picture Gallery" view. Suspect
it won't be good!

All this using Jaws 9 & IE7.


At 08:03 AM 8/19/2008, Al Puzzuoli wrote:

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>Below is an URL containing an example of a search I just did:




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