[Athen] accessibility issues with eBay's "new search experience"

Pratik Patel pratikp1 at gmail.com
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Also Using JAWS's find feature (insert+f) search for "pict" and you'll be
placed at the beginning of each entry With the customization, you can
remove the picture column and make the title come up in its own row of the
table when you customize as well. This way you can navigate from table to
table with "t." The customization options appear at the bottom of the
screen when you go to the "customize" link. When you first go to the
results page, press "x" to quicly navigate near the search results area if
you're using the list view.



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Hi Al,

Very interesting. I definitely miss the headings in the results list, too.

One thing I noticed:
At the top of the list of results there are "List View" & "Customize
View" links. Choosing Customize leads to a screen with various
options. One is a checkbox to "display each item in its own row", or
something like that. If you do that, then each search result gets its
own <table></table> section.

Unfortunately the picture of the item (with long graphic name link)
is in the left column, & the name of the item is in Column 2, so it
isn't as efficient to navigate as it could be. But still I think an

Haven't checked out what happens in "Picture Gallery" view. Suspect
it won't be good!

All this using Jaws 9 & IE7.


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>Below is an URL containing an example of a search I just did:





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