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Two other issues with Williams, there are cheaply constructed and the claim
has been made that they are programmed to be slightly off signal so the work
ok with other WS equipment but the quality degrades when trying to use them
with other brands. Based on the FCC requirements for this spectrum all the
FM wireless equipment should be interchangeable.

Ron Stewart

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Over time have used Phonic Ear, Comtek and Williams Sound. Have had good
luck with all. Obviously the cost of the Williams make them a value. The
only negative comments if received from students had to do with the quality
of sound in the Williams units - "tinny". Had one student that went without
rather than use it. One recommendation is to buy a few of each.

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[Athen] ALD/FM wireless system advice

Hi all,

We are looking into purchasing new Personal ALDs/FM Wireless systems to
accommodate some incoming students and would like to gather some

1) Which Personal ALD/FM wireless systems does your department/institution
2) How much maintenance do the units require? Are they durable?
3) What sources/resellers do you use/recommend?
4) Are there educational and/or volume discounts?
5) Other pros & cons & additional info?

Thanks for your input!

Larry Cusick
Student Accessibility Services Assistant
Dartmouth College
6173 Collis Center, Suite 301
Hanover, NH 03755
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Fax: (603) 646-1629
lawrence.c.cusick at dartmouth.edu

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