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Dear ATHENites,

I know that you are all trying to wind down for the upcoming break -
much needed for us all - but I have a question regarding PeopleSoft. Our
counseling department has a candidate who they are highly interested in
hiring but are worried that PeopleSoft will not be accessible to this
person should they hire him/her. The question comes because this person
has extremely limited use of upper body/hands and normally uses
voice-activation to accomplish most computer related tasks. My first
thought was Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I have tried to use Dragon
NaturallySpeaking with PeopleSoft and have been unsuccessful from my
trials. My second thought is some type of Headmouse, puff/sip, onscreen
keyboard or other stick device. Have any of you had any experiences with
PeopleSoft and limited mobility? If so, what devices have you used or
suggested? Thank you for your help! And, Merry Christmas and a Better
New Year!



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