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Jeffrey Sykes sykesje at gvsu.edu
Thu Feb 7 08:58:39 PST 2008

Grand Valley State University provides an assistive technology workstation in each campus computer lab, and in the Writing Center and Libraries. Each station runs the standard lab image, and has all the usual lab software available.

In addition, on each assistive tech workstation station we provide JAWS 8.0, WYNN Wizard 5.1, MAGic 10.5, ZoomText 8.1, Inspiration 8, WordTalk, and WebbIE 3.3 The Java Accessibility Bridge is also installed. Each library station and roughly half of the computer lab stations are equipped with flatbed scanners.


Jeff Sykes
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Disability Support Services
Grand Valley State University

>>> "Henley, Elizabeth" <e.henley at snhu.edu> 02/05/2008 2:15 PM >>>

I have question that's sort of related to the Kurzweil one. For those of
you in a school that has an assistive technology computer/lab set up on
campus, what software do you have installed on it? We're looking to set
up one computer in the library, starting small and gauging what's
working, seeing if there might be any upcoming building changes that
would make for better space, etc., and so I'd love to know what other
schools currently have.



Liz Henley

Office of Disability Services

Southern New Hampshire University

2500 North River Rd

Manchester, NH 03106

(603) 668-2211, ext. 2118

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