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Marks, Jim marks at mso.umt.edu
Fri Feb 8 13:02:36 PST 2008

Jaws 9 works nicely with GMail in either its Standard or Basic layout.
Freedom Scientific added GMail scripts in the version 9 release. I am
blind, and us GMail as my main personal e-mail service. Developments in
access occur so rapidly it's hard to keep up. I understand that the
Yahoo e-mail is causing some significant screen reader access problems
now. BTW, I also use MSN and hotmail as well. Both of these work fine
with Jaws 9.

Jim Marks
Director of Disability Services
University of Montana
jim.marks at umontana.edu


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Our Campus is getting ready to move student email accounts to Google.
The IT Dept. say they are building a custom web interface front-end with
the google apps running behind the scene. I have yet to see anything to
evaluate. The administration's thought is if the student accounts
workout then they will start moving faculty and staff over next year. It
should be an interesting transition.


Mike Gibson
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Boise State University
1910 University Dr.
Boise, ID 83725-1375
Phone: (208) 426-1583


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Subject: [Athen] Email products

Our campus is looking at out-sourcing our student email. So I have a
couple of questions.

Has your campus gone to a product like Google apps or something
equivalent? If you have, what?

The more important question is are there concerns with accessibility of
these products?


Gerry Nies
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