[Athen] email preferences for people using AT - multi-part mime

Alice Anderson alice.anderson at doit.wisc.edu
Fri Feb 8 08:39:36 PST 2008


All .. there is an interesting discussion/debate about email and what
is the preference for people using assistive technology.

Points being debated:

a. As far as accessibility, plain ASCII text is always the most
"accessible", in the context of email, period. I don't think there is
much more to say.

b. Not to burst your bubble (I too prefer plain text emails) but
wouldn't HTML links to embedded anchors within the content of
messages with lots of content be *more* accessible than forcing a
screen reader to go through the plain text linearly?

c. I think it can be argue that if you do have links, then HTML may
be accessible in the "accessibility" sense, but if you're simply
trying to convey information in the absence of of hyperlinks, plain
text is always the most "accessible" in the broadest set of
circumstances. Also, I don't think that many of these types of
messages in question that may be HTML are using organizational
anchors within the content...

are ATHEN folks able to give input?

thanks in advance,

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