[Athen] Adaptech: Free and Inexpensive Software

Jennison Mark Asuncion asuncion at alcor.concordia.ca
Tue Feb 19 03:42:32 PST 2008

Adaptech Research Network Presents Short Online Videos About Free and
Inexpensive Software

The Adaptech Research Network recently developed a series of five
captioned, three minute online video presentations. Available in English
and French, these demonstrate some of the popular free and inexpensive
software you can find in our "Downloads" library. Note that Windows Media
Player is required to view these video clips. And if these make you
curious and you want to see more free or inexpensive software, visit our
web site at http://www.adaptech.org and click on "Downloads."

To view the English video clips go to
To view the French video clips go to

We also posted a three minute video presentation which introduces the
Adaptech Research Network, the team, and the work we do. Note that this is
a large file and that Windows Media Player is required to view this video

To view the English version go to
To view the French version go to

We are grateful to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of
Canada (SSHRC) for a grant to Catherine Fichten and Joan Wolforth as well
as to the Dis-It Research Alliance, our partners and collaborators, and
Dawson College for their support.

Jennison Mark Asuncion
Co-Director, Adaptech Research Network

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