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Did you try saving anything as MHTML and trying it with MathType/MathTalk?


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>To augment Wink's comments and address E.A.'s queries, mimio

>handwriting recognition (Windows version only) is "adequate" but will

>undoubtedly require editing just like any alt-formatted material.

>(Most people don't write as legibly on a board as they do on paper.)

>You can grab the material in real-time and select "Recognize Ink" to

>immediately change the display, convert ink to text after the fact on

>a saved board, or add text to a saved board with a typed annotation

>(just like adding a text box).


>In addition to JPEG, PNG, HTML and several other formats, these mimio

>boards can be saved directly as PDF files to the connected computer

>-- no conversion necessary. If the monitor for that "connected

>computer" happens to be an LCD projector, and the image is projected

>back to the whiteboard, you have the equivalent of a SmartBoard

>interactive whiteboard. So you can project PowerPoint slides or a

>webpage, annotate with mimio, then save the results as a PDF.


>I just tried this with my personal mimio and used both Kurzweil and

>WYNN to scan and OCR the saved PDF. As you might expect, the results

>depend a lot on the source material and the resolution (I'm not sure

>about mimio's maximum resolution). A colorful webpage with

>less-than-ideal contrasts, lots of fonts, and inverted text produces

>less than satisfactory results. A PowerPoint with consistent (and

>larger) fonts might work OK.


>As for math...mimio won't convert equations satisfactorily.


>Hope this helps (or at least gets the wheels turning!).


>- Shelley Haven



>>Thanks for the good wishes, E. I tore a tendon in my knee (driving knee


>>less!) and had it repaired last week. It's well on the way to mending.


>>already have cabin fever, so the recuperation is going along nicely. Will

>>be back to work and thundering speed next week.


>>In my poking around, I found some interesting ideas to pursue in re both

>>smart board & mimio. Both offer a handwriting recognition plug in which


>>also allow a projection (PPT etc.) on the board to have comments written

>>ON it and saved as text rather than images. Don't know how accurate it


>>be, but also I found these conversion programs which may help in the process:

>>Image Converter Plus (appx. $49), Universal Document Converter ($69) and

>>'Convert Image to PDF' from Softinterface Inc. (free download), the JPEG,

>>TIFF or GIF files can be converted to PDF and a screen reader can be used.

>>If the conversion is to text, again there is a choice of refreshable Braille

>>or hardcopy Braille. I do not know how easy it would be to convert math,

>>but with MathType and MathSpeak software, it would be a worthy experiment

>>to find out!


>>My daffodils are blooming today and I am going to take photos before it








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>>>Hope you are making a full recovery Wink and all is well. I would also


>>>interested to learn how you separate or add text with the images in an

>>>accessible way from digital white boards unless it is part of the original

>>>presentation? It is the same dilemma I have been trying to think about


>>>students have OneNote files for organising all their ideas.


>>>Best wishes E.A.


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