[Athen] FW: Foot Mouse

Dan Comden danc at washington.edu
Wed Jan 9 11:26:31 PST 2008

We've had the No Hands mouse (http://www.footmouse.com/) in our place for
a few years now. I've had about 20 different people, mostly faculty and
staff, try it, and a couple of those took it back to their offices for
longer term evaluations of up to a couple of weeks. Nobody selected it as
a mouse alternate. Fine motor control with feet is something that appears
to take quite a lot of practice!

As for question 2, yes we're using Dragon 9 now, though we don't have many
hours of experience with it yet. Seems pretty accurate is about all I can
say about it right now.

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> Hello all,


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> From: Howard Kramer [mailto:hkramer at colorado.edu]

> Subject: foot mouse


> Hello All:


> Anyone have any experience with the "foottime foot mouse," or any other

> brand of foot mouse." Second question - has anyone used Dragon 9 as of yet?


> Thanks,

> Howard

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