[Athen] about "minimun" req for RAM

Catalina Colaci ccolaci at yukoncollege.yk.ca
Mon Jan 21 11:10:21 PST 2008

Hello, everybody
Is anybody around who is working with adaptive technology in a post-sec
environment and can help bridging the communication gap between a coord
of services and the computer support people (who are overworked already
with the "standard" applications)?

We are having a problem getting the message across the computer-people
in our institution regarding the technology needs.
At the moment we have 2 stand-alone computers -not linked to a server-
one has internet access, the other does not.
We need to be able to run on the same computer -if possible-
Dragon 9
Kurzweil 3000 version 10
A scanner

We explained that the minimum RAM requirements for Dragon 9 are 1 GM,
for Kurzweil between 300 MB to 500+. We ended up with 512 MB in each and
huge problems of computers freezing up on an on-going basis . We got one
computer upped to .99 GB (I did not know they made that denomination)
but we were told that we should use only Office and Dragon in it, then
in the other only Kurzweil, well, you get the picture.

Our problem seems to be a communication one, the techies are asking us
expressly HOW MUCH RAM we need in each computer... we said more than
1GB, and towards 2 GB and we are asked "WHY"/"Where did you get the
info", etc.

Thanks in advance for your attention... If my message is not clear -I
love technology but I do not talk the talk-, please ask me for more
Thanks again

Catalina Colaci
Learning Assistance Centre
Support Services for Students with Disabilities

Yukon College
Yukon Territory

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