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You have to have the picture selected in order to have Format Picture appear
in the context menu. If the cursor is to the immediate left or right of the
image, you won't get the context menu for the image when you press the

If you ask JAWS what is selected, it should tell you "slash" or maybe the
filename....could go either way.

If you use Ctrl + Down Arrow to go through the document paragraph by
paragraph the Alt Text will be read if it is applied. If it isn't, you'll
hear "slash." If you use SayAll, the Alt Text is read automatically.

I have the verbosity setting to recognize labeled images turned on. You can
set it to identify all images while editing a document.

If you are adding images to a document, you can press Ctrl + Shift + the
letter O to get a list of objects in a document. This is for JAWS 8 or
later. It was present in 7.2 but is more reliable in 8.

If an image has Alt Text, the Alt Text appears in the list of objects. If it
doesn't the filename should appear, or it may say unlabeled graphic. If it
is the last image you inserted, it will be the last item in the list so will
be easy to find.

If you are using Word 2007 the tab now says "Alt Text" and it is a tool you
can add to the QAT or Quick Access Toolbar so it is easy to find. It has
been moved from "Format Picture" to the Size dialog which is why I recommend
putting it on the QAT...lot easier to use.

Let me know if this worked for you...I may have another strategy.

Cheers, Karen

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My question on JAWS and images in Word is similar but different. In the
past I have inserted an image into Word2003. I moved the cursor till JAWS
told me I was at a picture. I used the ap key and one of the choices was
"format picture"
From there I could put in the text for the picture. I had not done it for
some time. Now When I get to the picture and do the ap key, format picture
isn't there as if Word doesn't know I am on the picture but JAWS leads me
to think that is where I am.

I may be using a different version of JAWS or I may have changed some
settings in JAWS or Word, but I am not able using JAWS to get the control
to format picture.

What am I doing wrong???

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>It is a verbosity setting. As long as images have Alt Text, turning on the

>graphics: labeled and I also turn on the identification of objects. Note

>that depending on the images position on "the line" you may hear "slash"

>until you are right on the image/cursor is in a specific location.


>You'll need to set the verbosity for both Word 2003 and 2007.


>Let me know if you need any more help. I'm writing the "Word 2007 from the

>Keyboard book and have been using Office 2007 since its private beta days.


>am also a JAWS user.


>Cheers, Karen


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>Has anyone been able to configure JAWS 9 to read an image's text


>in MS Word?


>If so, could you please forward the process you used? I know I have done


>in the past, but for some reason I am completely unable to get the settings

>correct to make this happen. I am using JAWS 9 and Office 2003 and Office



>Take care,



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